Control Networks Round Table: using ISIS3 for CTX

Robbins, SWRI, provided an introduction to his updated workflow for CTX mosaic automation.

Informal comments:


  • Have you looked at in-memory files to help with data bound (I/O) issues?
  • Watch out for just looking at residuals, it isn’t the whole story.
  • Using MOLA elevation map has flaws (due to resolution) for CTX orthorectification, Has CTX stereo been considered or HRSC stereo? Group: Currently, HRSC doesn’t have global coverage and less for stereo.
  • Good to see a different approach to control images and optimize different parts of the work-flow.

Robbins: Looking into crater finder using A/I code (findfeatures, in ISIS3, still new and could be better). PointReg is still used in our workflow for the most part.
Robbins: for a question of quad to quad matches, so far feeling good about quad-to-quad bundles.


  • Watch out for gaps, images might get pulled toward the gap. A good idea to create some ground-points along the gaps.
  • What else besides provided errors and manual checks? Robbins: we look at the residuals of the points and measures and ultimately the solution and manually inspect the mosaic.

Future needs: