OP Lunch Talk #4

Dr. Chris Arridge (Lancaster University) talks about "the development of Ikuchi, an open source web tool using the Three.js library for viewing the 3D geometry of planetary magnetospheres.ā€

Should we have any questions for the speaker, or anybody within the planetary science community who might be able to answer you, please ask below; or share any useful resources related to the topic.


From Dr. Chris Arridge:

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Hi, that seem a good project.
Maybe it could be useful to know that I used X3DOM for the first version of MATISSE, but now Iā€™m using vtk.js, that allows me to generate a single file for both web visualization and offline use (with Paraview).
I also noted that you thought of this project also for exoplanets and I have a 3D webtool for exosystem, named ExoplAn3T (https://tools.ssdc.asi.it/exoplanet). Maybe we could think of working together in this field?

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