OP Lunch Talk #5

Dr. Fred Calef @Fred_Calef_III (JPL) talks about “The Multi-Mission Geographic Information System (MMGIS) is a NASA AMMOS open source webGIS framework for orbital and in situ planetary missions.”

Should we have any questions for the speaker, or anybody within the planetary science community who might be able to answer you, please ask below; or share any useful resources related to the topic.

From Fred Calef:

Here’s a link to the MMGIS open source repository: https://github.com/NASA-AMMOS/MMGIS

MMGIS capabilities:

  • Supports any spherical planetary body
  • Handles Web Mercator, Equirectangular/Equidistant Cylindrical, Polar (LAEA) projections with capability to support others
  • Web-based mapping interface
  • Display vector, raster, and 3D models
  • 2D Leaflet Slippy map
  • 3D globe with tiled height data
  • Viewer for photosphere mosaics, images (GIF, PNG, JPG, WEBP), 3D models (OBJ)
  • Image viewer capable of showing mosaics with targets
  • Customizable layers
  • Multiuser vector drawing
  • Elevation profiler
  • Graph Chemistry and other data types
  • Default data types: GeoJSON, MapBox Vector Tiles, TMS tiled rasters from GeoTIFFs, OBJ (for 3D and Viewer)
  • Imports GeoJSON, shapefiles for users, CSV for data tables, reading raw GeoTIFFs for value querying

New release of MMGIS due on 10 April 2020.