Open Source crater size-frequency chronology

Discussion / requirements (and maybe some playing around) for a python-based crater size-frequency dating, by Greg Michael.

Notes from the speech/discussion:


  • code refactoring in Python (version >= 3)
  • code development on git: platform GitHub
  • test driven development
  • documentation, also historical!
  • backward compatibility with Craterstats input formats
  • introduce input compatibility with OGC/Ogr formats
  • user friendly installation (via pip and conda)
  • basic plot interface included in first release
  • OS license: Credits to the original author

@afrigeri Would you and others like to have the future source code under OpenPlanetary Github org?

Note: you could also use and create a new category in

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Is there any news on this?

BTW, we do have already a repo on OP that could be used (currently private and with not much in, apart from a team…).

I think this could easily go public, too (again, not much in so far)

It would be nice to move this forward a bit towards PSIDA and we could also join forces with e.g. Planmap, e.g. @luca.penasa @chbrandt et al.

I’d be interested in using / possibly contributing to this! Is there a process for joining the OP GitHub org?

Hi Christian, I just added you to the OP planetary chronology team, but please note that this is part of an earlier discussion (see this thread) and that some more had been discussed at the VESPA mapping workshop and - I guess - beyond, @afrigeri and Greg Michael (on OP Slack, too) should have some fresher info. We could iterate / document here on with issues. Feel free to get in touch with Ale and Greg.

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