PlanetaryPy Round Table Discussion

Topics to cover for PlantaryPy

  • What is PlanetaryPy
  1. Initial stages, starting slow
  2. add packages as we go
  3. No defined scope yet.
  4. plan to follow (loosely following AstroPy)
  5. Try not to have completely “surface” only tilt.
  • News on GitHub
  1. “We” have the name. Done.
  • Open Planetary project? (following OSGeo)
  1. Further discussion for legal issues and other considerations
  2. Has methods for funding (as a non-profit). There are European and US arms.
  1. Still new for TSC (above), group of users to provide input.
  2. Renamed to Planetary Software Technical Committee (PSTC) to have broader scope across the community. Help to bring in potentially abandoned projects (e.g. students leaving the community).
  3. This group PTSC might be able to cover PlanetaryPy
  • Which packages (e.g. PlanetaryImage, PVL, PLIO, SpiceyPy). Suggestions:
  1. PySIS (Kalasiris,
  2. SETI/PDS-Tools (available now)
  3. SETI/ Oops ? (not yet available)
  4. AutoCNET ?
  5. PyHat (spectral)
  6. CSM (sensor models)
  7. PDS_View ?
  • Immediate Needs
  1. Is a PDART going in. Software proposals are currently tough
  2. Survey: Look here and will be advertised here Wed/Thurs (also on PEN email).
  • Future Needs
  1. Understand leveraging other languages
  2. Funding to maintain and support the (testing, install, licenses, …)
  • Members
  1. PSTC maybe (above)?
  • Audience
  1. Researchers/technical users
  2. Data producers
  3. (missions…)
  4. Commercial
  5. Cloud processing
  6. PDS/PSA (help to maintain, also contribute)
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I’d like to see a PlanetaryPy module that doesn’t deal only with surfaces :slight_smile:

Following similar discussion that the heliophysics community is having (, we could recommend the use of certain packages/modules that are widely in use. For instance, there was the recommandation to use the astropy.units and astropy.coordinates modules…