SPICE Round Table Discussion

Started with 3 short talks (links are coming).



  • Audience: Interesting to see NAIF begin to use formats like DSK
  • NAIF: Think of DSK as the “P” in SPICE (planet). So it allows you to more accurately intersect the surface. There is no plan to add “GIS” type functionality.
  • NAIF: DSK are interesting since they can support multi-resolution and irregular bodies
  • Audience: Do DSK also cover raster DEMs?
  • NAIF: We are adding raster-based DEM support
  • Audience: To help support Cube Sats, various SPICE templates would be interesting for NAIF to support
  • Audience: Need to promote across other facilities that are creating their own “SPICE” methods. Pushing from top-down to these facilities are tough.
  • Audience: Kernel versioning is still tough
  • Audience: Error methods would be good, not sure which kernels are being used when
  • Audience: JPL Horizons …
  • NAIF: We are looking for comments
  • Audience: With SPICE 2.0, updates to SpiceyPy could be helped by being SWIG wrapped
  • NAIF: Good questions,
  • Audience: Are you developing on GitHub so the community can follow
  • NAIF: there is a good chance, when first prototype is ready that could happen. Are there some examples you can provide?
  • Audience: It would be good to see how the framework is coming along. Good see the API early